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College Applications

At Navigation Academy, we help you determine which college applications you need to complete.

What does each school require?

We help you based on where you are applying and what each school requires. There are many elements in the college planning process, from compiling a list of potential schools to figuring out how to pay for college. There is one step in this process, however, that is particularly crucial to getting into college. That is making sure you’ve identified and submitted all of your college applications and on time!

Types of College Applications:

When you start applying to different schools, you might come across a few different types of college applications. The Common Application is the most popular, and more than 800 colleges use it to streamline their admissions process. Not all schools accept the Common Application, so you might also need to fill out separate applications for individual institutions. There are also two other application formats you may come across:

The Universal Application: Fewer than 100 schools accept the Universal Application.

The Coalition Application: Many schools that accept the Coalition Application also accept the Common Application.

Make sure you know early on which application you need to fill out for each of the schools on your list.

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College Applications

This is where Navigation Academy comes in. We know that applying for college can be a stressful and confusing process.

We offer numerous services to make the process easier for both students and parents. As you get ready to fill out your college applications, here is what we can help you do:

Online Applications:

We can monitor your application as you complete it and assist when needed.

Identify Key Information:

We will make sure you know what information you’ll need to fill out on the application. Each application has specific requests, such as recommendation letters, your high school transcript, your extracurricular activities and more.

Provide Essay Guidelines:

College essays are one of the most important parts of your application. They are personal to each student; so we will work with you to understand the guidelines for your essay. Keep in mind that you will have to do all the writing, but we will assist with the editing.

Clarify things to Avoid:

We will also help you avoid certain application missteps. These include missing deadlines or submitting incomplete applications.

Discuss Application Costs:

Another important element of the college application process is cost. That starts with the application itself. We will discuss what each school charges for application submission, and we will see if you are eligible for any fee waivers.

Highlight Application Deadlines:

Finally, we will make sure you know the deadlines for each of your applications. We will keep you accountable to those deadlines by providing support every step of the way.

Call us for more information: (757) 392-7050

Here at Navigation Academy, our goal is to create a partnership with students and parents during the college application process. We will help guide you and make sure you know what to expect at every turn. We know that you have a lot on your mind as you get ready to apply for college. From admissions requirements to sorting through financial aid and scholarships, we want to make this process as painless as possible for both students and their families.

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