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Services for College Admissions Consulting

We know what colleges are looking for in the admissions process.

We are here to help!

Navigation Academy College Consulting Services

With over 60 combined years in the fields of college education, scholarship management and academic advisement, Navigation Academy brings a unique level of experience and knowledge to its college consulting services. We are the founders, Walter and Jora Odom, and our top goal is to guide high school students and their parents through the maze that is the process of College admissions. We know the process can be nerve racking and confusing, leaving everyone frustrated. That’s where Navigation Academy shines because we know what colleges are looking for in the admissions process. We are your source for information, giving you clear guidelines and support to reach your academic goals.

How does Navigation Academy help both students and their parents?

Services We Provide

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We meet with both students and their parents, and walk with them through the process. We want students to continue their education and graduate with a degree that will give them the tools needed for a promising career. We are with you every step.

Call us for more information about our Services  (757) 392-7050

Our Goals for Students and Parents

You live hectic lives where you are pulled in many directions, so our goals at Navigation Academy are to keep you focused and accountable. This applies to both students and parents and can be challenging. This is an important time of transition, and we want to help you navigate towards a successful future.

Get an Early Start

The sooner you can start the college search and application process the better. This can lessen the stress of being certain of what is required and meeting deadlines. Regardless of when you begin the process however, Navigation Academy is ready and willing to help.


We help you navigate the process! We described this as a maze because it has many changing paths that can lead you to your goals and other paths that can leave you confused. It is our job to help you identify the “best fit” schools and to educate you on the requirements needed for admission. We guide you through the maze of testing, classes, and activities that schools consider important for applicants. We help you assess your skills and interests and set realistic goals.

Preparation is Key

We understand that students and parents often have very different ideas and priorities when it comes to the preparation needed for college admissions, so we begin our consultation with an in-depth meeting with both the student and their parents and assess the following:

  • What is important to the student and the parent/s.
  • The student’s academic standing and extracurricular activities.
  • The student’s character, attributes, and goals.

College Visits

It’s time to visit schools! We recommend visiting the colleges that are on your list. We help you coordinate your visits, so you can make an informed decision. We also understand that college life is important, so you need to get a feel for the atmosphere and culture of the schools. Every school has its own personality. Ultimately, the question is, “Where do you see yourself?â€

The Cost of Higher Education:  FAFSA, Scholarships and Student Loans

There are many choices out there for college and each comes with a price tag. Even though this is an investment in your student’s future, it can be a financial shock. As part of our consulting, we work with you on your FAFSA and help you find available scholarships. Identifying the scholarships that match your student’s qualifications is a large part of our consulting services. We go beyond the listing services found online by also working with the colleges to help find funds based on the skills and qualification of each student.

College Application

It’s application time, and there are deadlines to meet and essays to write. You are not alone! This is part of our consulting service. We monitor your applications, offer suggestions and encouragement in a timely manner to meet deadlines.

Call us for more information about our Services: (757) 392-7050

Navigation Academy of Virginia College Consulting – Helping Students and Families

Jora Odom, Owner

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